Friday, February 11, 2005

Pre Blog: Paranormal: I think I saw me

[liberated from an old journal]

Alright, I was on the subway... Same bustle as always only I got an entire 3 seats to myself! While I sat enjoying the space I suddenly noticed a person, perhaps age 30ish, who sat down right in front of me and looked very familiar. What was really weird was that he immediately started staring directly at me. So, I did my best to ignore the weirdo and look around the car like I didn't notice him but he still kept staring straight at me, like I was being interrogated. The other people in the car don't seem to notice him and when the car stopped at 14th street (one stop before mine) he suddenly got up and started to leave. The weird part about this is that he continued to stare at me even as he walked away, through the window and then (this is the really weird part) he waved at me while passing from view! It was only while I was waving back that it hit me... The guy looked just like pictures of me. Short black hair, kind of scruffy looking. I know I'm a poor judge of things like that but I can generally identify myself in pictures. The only natural conclusion? I've seen myself from the future!

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