Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Intro: About Me, About This Blog

For those of you who don’t know me, I go by the nickname ‘Careless.’
I’m a gamer, a musician, a writer, a nine to five’er, and generally a quirky fellow.
My interests reflect that of those who call themselves ‘nerds.’ I’m very fond of specific styles of visual art but have no knack for it myself, I’m very fond of video games but am far from competitively talented, and enjoy music and it’s creation but am a mere apprentice on the long road to true understanding.
I’ve been inspired to write a weekly blog about the above topics, my interests, largely due to the weekly workings of Ben Thompson and Steven Belledin.
I have a very poor visual memory, a very creative audio memory (meaning my brain will sometimes rework a conversation in retrospect) so to compensate for this I will attempt to include pictures and audio whenever I can and credit what I use. Speaking of which... The blog cover art is a concept called "The Many" by Adam Cartwright used with permission by (C) John Dossinger Publishing...
I play the accordion in a video game inspired rock band called Random Encounter that I will often reference as it makes up the bulk of my musical performance experience and is the filter through which I generally interact with the game music community. This is a somewhat small bias but one you should still be aware of.
I actively record video game covers with friends under the name Careless Juja and also write music and record music for a half dozen other side projects that may or may not be related to the above and will likely be referenced. While Random Encounter is my primary focus, I’m not allowed to discuss many of the creative projects involved with it until AFTER we've properly announced them so you'll likely see few posts directly about Random Encounter.
I also write for an independent comic book that won’t be released for a few more years. Though you can expect mention and even sometimes art from the project, it’s still a few years away from being finished and isn’t published or in any way complete.
Finally, I am going to attempt to update this weekly with new posts… Some of the posts might be off-topic so the title of each post will have a prefaced 'word' to give the general idea of what each post is about.
So what is this blog to be about?
In short, I am an admirer of those who are more talented than myself in all of the above as well as those who aren't yet but who had the courage to start down an artistic trade. I hope to use this blog to ask questions from some of those people, document the creative process on my various personal projects (as well as those of the people I interview), and analyze the occasional serious issues that I see in the respective community.

Feel free to leave your comment on any of the posts you read, at any time you like (even years after the post)… Just keep it respectful and I’ll respond back.
Kindest REgards,

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